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Frequently Answered Questions

  • How does Masala-On-Demand work?
    Step 1. Order your favorite Masala (Spice Blends) itmes online. Step 2. We prepare the Masala ingredients and follow Roasting, Grinding and Packaging. Step 3. We Ship it Next Business Day. Step 4. You receive the Items ordered. From our Kitchen to your Kitchen. Freshness Delivered.
  • How long it take to Deliver the Mississippi Masala?
    We ship the products Next Business Day. We deliver the Mississippi Masala products with in 1-3 days for Expedited Shipping and 3-5 business days for Standard Shipping.
  • How much is the Shipping Cost?
    We offer FREE Shipping above shopping value of US $49. If your order value is less than US $49, the Standard Shipping rate is US $5 and Expedited Shipping rate is US $9.
  • How do we Ship?
    We Ship our Orders via USPS Priority Mail or First Class Package.
  • Do we ship International?
    No. Currently we ship Mississippi Masala items only inside United States of America.
  • Do you Sell Organic Masala Blends?
    We have plans to introduce Organic Masala Blends in the coming months. Once introduced you can select Regular or Organic under the option "Ingredient Type" while adding product items.
  • What about 2 Custom product options, Spiciness and Grind Level?"
    While selecting few Masala items like Chilli Powder, Smabar Powder or Idli Podi (Spicy Chutney Powder) you may encounter Spiciness or Grind Level. Customers may wish to buy Mild or Hot Idli Podi, Hot or Extra Hot Chilli Powder, Fine or Coarse Sambar Powder and they can choose any of these options while purchasing. There are two Grind Levels, Fine or Coarse. Mild, Hot and Extra Hot comes under Spiciness. It may vary product to product.
  • Can we buy Mississippi Masala items in a Retail Store near us?
    No. Currently Mississippi Masala sells directly to consumers (D2C) through our website and through Social Media tools like Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp.
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