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Masala Story

Home-Style Indian Masala | Mad in India. Made in USA.

Like most of the Indians who travel abroad, we too prepared home-made South Indian Masala blends even before our Visa got stamped. Once those Spice Blends went out of stock, we started preparing small batches of various Masala blends like Garam Masala, Chicken Masala, Sambar Powder, Rasam Powder, Fish Masala, Mutton Masala etc., at home based on our Mother's and Grandmother's recipe. Soon we perfect the art of blending spices.

In India, we are always fond of Masala Movies and Masala Blends. Though we can't make Masala Movies to the American market, we do authentic Masala / Spice blends.

Our vision is to grow Mississippi Masala a leading Indian Masala brand in USA.

We carefully select all the ingredients for our Masala blends, roast them in our facility, grind them to Fine and Coarse level before packing into different sizes.

Mississippi Masala has 16 different Products catering to Indian cuisine and we have plans to introduce other country specific Spice blends such as African, Chinese, Middle East etc.

Also we will introduce various Indian region specific Masala blends to the food connoisseur.


Currently we sell these Masala blends through our E-Commerce


Mississippi Masala. Mad in India. Made in USA.

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